Hongin Of “Boys24” Shares Thoughts On Performing With Hearing Impairment

Boys24’s Hongin has opened up about being a performer with a hearing disability.

On September 27, the “Boys24 Live Press Call” was held at the Boys24 Hall in Myeongdong, Seoul. During the event, Hongin is asked about the problems he encounters due to his hearing impairment and how he overcomes them.

He states, “Beyoncé expresses herself in various ways through her dancing and expressions. Aside from dancing, there are many ways to convey your passion.”

The Boys24 contestant continues, “I don’t think it matters that I have a hearing disability. I think I’m just like everyone else, I have difficulties but I’m working hard.”

Hongin inspired many viewers with his talent when he first appeared on the Mnet dance program “Dancing 9.”

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