Watch: GOT7 Is Simultaneously Confident And Confused While Attempting “Random Play Dance”

You can always count on the boys of GOT7 to bring laughter into everything they do!

During their appearance on the September 28 episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” the group makes another valiant attempt at the classic game, “Random Play Dance.”

After EXID’s Hani explains they will only get three chances, she reveals that if they succeed, they will have a chance to perform all of their newest title track “Hard Carry,” from beginning to end.

Excited at the prospect, GOT7 grits their teeth and readies themselves for the challenge, only for half of them to look dazed once the music begins.


Already off to a shaky start, the members safely get through a few different sections of “Hard Carry” when the confusion sets in once again. Youngjae exclaims, “What is this?” when “Girls, Girls, Girls” comes on, while BamBam just looks bewildered when “I Like You” plays right after.

GOT7 2

Unable to let the mistakes go any longer, the MCs step in to point out how multiple members messed up, especially Youngjae. However, he is relentlessly confident and insists he didn’t mess up any choreography, but only looked taken back.

Just when you think GOT7 may succeed during their second attempt, one by one the members start to become disorganized once more. Hilariously, Jackson asks if they can hold a meeting to agree on whether they will acknowledge that they made a mistake or not, and then actually does so.

GOT7 3

Of course, their last attempt plays out in a similar manner when Youngjae mindlessly does a different move from the rest of his members during “Just Right.” Once again, GOT7 amusingly holds a meeting to decide what to say in their own defense, while Youngjae insists he was the only one right.

Failing to talk their way out, the group fails to complete the “Random Play Dance” challenge, but they definitely are endlessly entertaining.

Watch all the hilarity that ensues during the game below!