Watch: GOT7 Performing “Hard Carry” At 2x The Speed Is A Thing Of Beauty

On the September 28 episode of MBC Every1 program “Weekly Idol,” boy group GOT7 appears as guests to promote their brand new album “FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE.”

During their time on the show, GOT7 is offered the chance to redeem their failed random play dance attempt by dancing to title track “Hard Carry” at two times the speed.

The members can’t hide their reluctance, and when the MCs say that GOT7 did perfectly fine dancing to their previous title track “If You Do” at two times the speed, member Jinyoung insists that “Hard Carry” is already two times faster than “If You Do” at original tempo.

GOT7 ultimately gives in, and despite their initial reluctance, the boys completely nail the challenge. The members are almost a blur, not missing a beat of the choreo, but taking advantage of the moments when they are the center to catch a breather.