Park Myung Soo Shares A Simple Birthday Meal With Fellow “Infinite Challenge” Members

The friendship between the cast of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” is always so heartwarming to see.

On September 29, Park Myung Soo shared a photo taken with his fellow cast members, who appear to have gone to a restaurant after filming for the show.

In a depictive caption, he writes, “[Holding] a birthday party in a simple way at a sujebi restaurant. Because there was no space at the barbecue place.”

Dressed in the same outfits, all six members have happy expressions on their faces and seem to be enjoying their small festivities.

Meanwhile, “Infinite Challenge” will be airing its 500th episode on October 1 KST, this upcoming Saturday.

Watch the latest episode below while you wait for this monumental episode!

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