EXO’s Suho Thoughtfully Keeps Promise Made In Passing To The SoDa Siblings

It may have been spur of the moment, but EXO’s Suho touches hearts by keeping a promise to Lee Beom Soo‘s children.

In a post shared by their mother on September 30, So Eul and Da Eul brightly smile as they pose with gifts from the group’s leader.

Suho previously agreed to gift Da Eul his favorite construction toys if he shared his apple juice with him when they met each other through members Xiumin and Chen. Although it was a promise made on the spot, the siblings’ mother expresses how touched she was that the idol actually honored something that wasn’t intended to be taken literally.

She gives both Suho and EXO a huge thumbs up, and elaborates on how the leader wasn’t obligated to gift So Eul anything, but did so anyways to be fair. The siblings’ mother continues to compliment the idol, saying how well he’s grown up, and jokes that now the SoDa siblings should sign up for EXO’s fanclub.

How sweet of Suho to keep a spontaneous promise!