H.O.T’s Tony Ahn And Kangta Bring Back Old-School K-Pop Feels With Selfie

The original “oppas” Tony Ahn and Kangta from the first generation boy group H.O.T reveal a snapshot of their vacation together!

On September 30, Tony Ahn updated his Instagram account (@tntonyan) with a photo of the two of them in Thailand. He captions it with “TonTa Is Leaving~~~ #TonyAhn #Kangta #BattleTrip #Krabi.”

It appears that they are filming for an upcoming episode of the variety show “Battle Trip.”

In the photo, the two guys are smiling as they snap a selfie at a port. It doesn’t look like they have aged a bit since their heyday as K-Pop’s reigning boy group in the early 1990’s.

A photo posted by Tony An (@tntonyan) on

Hopefully, we’ll one day see all five members again in one photo as well!

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