Watch: ASTRO Taking Applications For First Official Fanclub “AROHA”

On September 30, the six members of ASTRO revealed that they are now accepting applications for their first official fanclub.

The fanclub will be called “AROHA,” which has both a Korean and English meaning. In Korean, the “A” and “RO” come from ASTRO, while “HA” comes from the word “hana,” meaning “one” or “only.” Therefore, the title means approximately something like “To ASTRO, the fans are their one and only.”

The more simpler explanation is AstRO + Heart + All fans equals “AROHA.”


Fantagio Music also unveiled AROHA’s new fanclub logo, which features a heart and a triangle intertwined and is supposed to represent their relationship with their fans.

In the video below, ASTRO talks about their fanclub name and give thanks for the opportunity to get even closer to their fans in the future.

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