Onew And Jung Chaeyeon Open Up About Busy Idol Life

The September 30 episode of tvN’s “Go Go Mr. Paik” showed Baek Jong Won, SHINee’s Onew, and DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon enjoying their second day in Kudat, Malaysia.

On their way to the market place to buy some fresh seafood, Baek Jong Won mentions the pair’s busy schedules as idols as they briefly discussed it the night before.

Onew and Jung Chaeyeon describe their daily routine and say, “We wake up when they wake us up. We sing after we get dropped off. When we get home we sleep.” The two idol singers further explain how busy they are.

However, Onew shows his mature side as he comments, “After being very busy I feel pleased.” The SHINee member describes how happy he feels after completing his job successfully.

Baek Jong Won gives some advice and says, “Your hardships become memories later. You have to enjoy it. I will help you only remember eating for this vacation.” The trio continue to the market and enjoy fish curry later.

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