“Drinking Solo” PD Praises Key’s Acting In The Drama

It looks like SHINee member Key has been recognized for his skills in acting, in addition to his already acknowledged talent in singing!

The producing director (PD) Choi Kyu Shik of the tvN drama “Drinking Solo” recently sat down with reporters and talked about Key’s first foray into acting for the drama.

Choi Kyu Shik said, “First off, Key is incredibly hardworking. He prepared a lot in advance and as an actor, he comprehensively analyzed his character role. He is receiving the love of the staff members. At the time of his audition, he may not have had experience in dramas but instead, I received a fresh aura from him. His acting and his enunciation is good and so we decided to cast him.”

In the drama, Key portrays a “wandering” young man who has been studying for the difficult civil service exam for several years.

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