Update: SF9 Teases For Debut With New Preview Of “Fanfare” MV

Updated October 3 KST:

Check out the latest teaser video from SF9, this time entitled the “art version,” below!


New boy group SF9 has shared another teaser video for their upcoming debut!

The new FNC Entertainment dance group will be making their debut on October 5 with their first single album “Feeling Sensation,” which features the title track “Fanfare.” The group includes nine members: Young Bin, In Seong, Jae Yoon, Da Won, Ro Woon, Zu Ho, Tae Yang, Hwi Young, and Cha Ni.

SF9 previously released teaser images for the first four members, and then images for the other five members and their first teaser video for “Fanfare.” On October 1, they shared the second teaser video for the music video, which was released as the “mood version.” Check it out below!

Are you excited for the debut of SF9?