BTS’s Rap Monster Cherishes Signed Copy Of Tablo’s New “Blonote” Collection

BTS leader Rap Monster has shared a sweet photo of himself hugging a copy of Tablo’s new book, as well as a glimpse of the message that Tablo wrote inside.

In September, Epik High’s Tablo released a book entitled “Blonote,” which is a collection of the thoughts and quotes called “Blonotes” from his former radio show “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio.” The collection is currently available only in its original Korean version, but Tablo’s self-translated English version will also be released in the future.

Rap Monster’s photograph of his own signed copy of “Blonote” shows that Tablo wrote inside the book, “To Namjoon. I hope this will give you even just a little bit of strength when you’re worn out.” Rap Monster writes as the caption to the photos on Twitter, “God Blo. @blobyblo sent this to me personally.”

Meanwhile, BTS is currently gearing up for a comeback with their second full album “WINGS.” Rap Monster is having to sit out their performances before their return to avoid exacerbating a potential stress fracture in his leg. Their new album will be released on October 10.