Lee Juck Is The Latest Artist To Sing OST For “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”

The latest “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” OST titled “Interlocked Fingers” (working title) will be released on October 4!

Artist Lee Juck, who sings the OST, also participated in writing, composing, and arranging the song, which speaks on the theme of a couple’s love. The lyrics for the OST will be about wanting to overcome a sad love, and the desire to promise eternity upon meeting again.

As the song has yet to be heard in the drama, many are curious to see how Lee Juck’s new song will fair once it is released. Lee Juck will be releasing a teaser for the track on October 3, and the music video will be released on the following day.

Watch the first episode of “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” below!

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