Kim Ga Yeon Thinks Her Daughter Has Inherited Im Yo Hwan’s Gamer Genes

Actress Kim Ga Yeon recently shared an image of her second daughter Ha Ryeong playing with her former pro-gamer dad Im Yo Hwan.

The actress posted the picture on her Facebook, saying, “She’s definitely Im Yo Hwan’s daughter. The other kids in the playroom are playing with the slide, but our Ha Ryeong is…”

In the released image, Im Yo Hwan is playing an arcade game with his daughter Ha Ryeong, who seems to have inherited her father’s gaming interest and looks engrossed in the game.

Im Yo Hwan and Ha Ryeong also appeared on the October 2 episode of KBS2 “The Return of Superman,” as beginning dad Im Yo Hwan took notes from expert dad Ki Tae Young.

Watch the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

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