Spottoon’s “My Beautiful World” Now Available to Read on Soompi!

Soompiers, are you ready for another great webtoon from Spottoon? Starting today, “My Beautiful World” will be available to read directly on Soompi! Read on to learn more about this hit comic:


Ever since she was a child, Yurim has had the ability to literally see the darkness in people. Due to this ability to identify people with malicious intentions — and the fact that anyone can change at any time — Yurim avoids trusting or getting close to anyone. However, her life of lonely solitude suddenly changes when she meets a guy named June, who unexpectedly becomes her friend. Has Yurim finally found someone she can confide in?



Yurim is a 20-year-old college freshman. When she comes across a bad person, she sees a black aura surrounding them — but no one else can see these auras. Constantly wary of these auras, Yurim can’t help but be shy and timid around most people.


June is 30 years old and currently unemployed. He lives in Yurim’s neighborhood. Yurim is drawn to him because of his cherry-blossom-pink hair. June doesn’t have much of a filter when it comes to saying what’s on his mind, but deep down he has a kind heart.


Hyun-Woo is a 24-year-old student in one of Yurim’s classes. Hyun-Woo is outgoing and extremely popular with girls, so he can’t understand why Yurim seems to avoid him — and he’s determined to get her attention, no matter what.


So Young is a 23-year-old sophomore. She is back at Yurim’s school after taking a two-year absence from college. She is bold and talkative and not afraid to stand up for what’s right.

“My Beautiful World” will be available to read directly on Soompi from October 10~23 (KST). In case you missed our first featured webtoon, “Imitation,” you can check it out (along with many other great comics!) on Spottoon’s website!