Watch: Kim Heechul Does A Perfect Parody Of Kang Ho Dong On “Ask Us Anything”

Super Junior member Kim Heechul’s imitation of Kang Ho Dong is so perfect that he scares Kang Ho Dong himself!

Girl group DIA are the guests on the October 1 episode of the JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything.” On this episode, the show decides to parody “Star King,” with Kim Heechul taking on the role of Kang Ho Dong (complete with his famous way of speaking), and Kang Ho Dong portraying a member of “Seven Ton,” a new boy group.

When Kim Young Chul does an imitation, Kim Heechul jumps in to tell him, “Just do one line, one line! I’m the PD! I’m Kang Ho Dong!”

Kim Young Chul complains, saying, “Yoo Jae Suk always compliments us when we do things like this!”

Kim Heechul retorts, “Yoo Jae Suk, he’s nothing compared to me!” and pretends to fight Yoo Jae Suk. Kang Ho Dong stands to protest politely (while still in character as a rookie idol), but quickly gets shot down by the hosts.

Later on, Kim Heechul, still in character as Kang Ho Dong, complains to the show’s staff that the guests they’ve brought on the show are too boring. Kang Ho Dong comes over to Kim Heechul and says uneasily, “Do it in moderation, please. It really seems exactly like me.”

Check out the funny clip below!

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