Ailee Shares Thoughts On Cute Concepts And How “Home” Differs From Previous Songs

On October 4, Ailee held a showcase for her upcoming album “A New Empire,” and talked about her image and the theme for her new song!

The singer shared her thoughts on the popular girl group concept of being cute and fresh, saying, “There are a lot of cute concepts from girl groups nowadays, but I’m turning 28 this year. I don’t have the confidence to try a cute image, and it doesn’t fit with my personality so I don’t think I could do it. I feel more comfortable doing a concept that is gender neutral and powerful.”

Ailee also explained how her title track differs from her previous comeback songs, saying, “This time there are a lot of sentimental songs. Previously, it was always a song about confronting and scolding the other person, but this time I don’t criticize anyone.”

Her title track “Home” expresses the emotions of a lover who is sadly drawing up the memories of a relationship. Ailee’s voice suits the 808 base in the song, which also features singer and rapper Yoon Mi Rae.

Ailee’s album “A New Empire” is set to release on October 5.

Watch the teaser for the music video below!

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