Update: 100% Shares Album Preview For Comeback With “Time Leap”

Updated October 10 KST:

After releasing a teaser video for their “Better Day” music video, 100% has now shared a preview of the tracks on their new album! Check it out below.

Updated October 7 KST:

The members of 100% look as handsome as ever in their new individual teaser images!

100% chanyong 100% minwoo 100% rockhyun 100% jonghwan 100% hyukjin

Updated October 6 KST:

100% has now shared a new teaser image for their upcoming comeback, and revealed that either their title track or album will be entitled “Time Leap”!


100% will soon be making a comeback!

On October 5 at midnight KST, the Top Media group shared two new photos that officially announce their upcoming return. In the pictures, the guys look like they’ve gotten all dressed up for a family portrait. The members look awkward and uncomfortable in one photo, but are smiling and happy in the other!

100 2


The teaser images also reveal that we can look forward to an upcoming release on October 13 at midnight KST.

This will be the group’s first comeback as a five-member group following the departure of member Changbum in September.

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