Watch: SF9 Makes Highly Anticipated Debut To Much “Fanfare”

Following a slew of teasers, FNC Entertainment’s newest idol group SF9 makes their highly anticipated debut to much “Fanfare”!

On October 5 at 12 p.m. KST, SF9 released via their official YouTube channel the music video for title track “Fanfare” off their very first single album “Feeling Sensation.”

Composed of nine members, Young Bin, In Seong, Jae Yoon, Da Won, Ro Woon, Zu Ho, Tae Yang, Hwi Young, and Cha Ni, SF9 stands for “Sensational First 9” and is FNC Entertainment’s first dance boy group.

You can check out the official individual profiles for each of the SF9 members on FNC Entertainment’s website.

What are your thoughts on SF9’s debut music video?