7 Life Lessons We Can All Take Away From K-Dramas

Korean dramas have a wisdom that transcends human understanding. Check out our list of seven life lessons we learned from late night binge-watching of Korean dramas. (Yes, Mom, these shows are really deep and useful. I do learn stuff.)

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Always look both ways when you cross a street.

There might be a random white truck of doom coming your way.


Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 2.18.45 PM

Look down when you cross the bridge of destiny.

Because often times the person you’re looking for is right under your nose.

If you have the same last name…

Or unexplainable coincidences….

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 5.01.42 PM

You are probably related.

Pretending to be someone else never works.

Unless you crossdress.

Then you’ll have a line of people falling in love with you and no one will know who you really are.

Aegyo is a deadly weapon.

No matter who uses it.

If you are dirt poor…

It’s okay, because you’ll still be able to afford the latest smart phone.


Ramen is the solution to everything.

It warms hearts, brings together families, and has magical guy-attracting properties.


Behold the power of ramen

What are some life lessons you’ve learned from dramas?

mayme22’s favorite Bible verse at the moment is Romans 12:12.

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