Lee Sang Yoon Shares What His Dates With Uee Are Really Like

Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul, who are currently starring together in the drama “On the Way to the Airport,” recently shot a pictorial with the magazine Singles.

In the interview, Lee Sang Yoon was asked about his dating life with Uee. The actor and the idol-turned-actress revealed their relationship this past May.

“When we’re together, we play silly jokes on each other,” he shared. “I like to joke around a lot. I think that you become close to people through teasing each other.”

He added, “Because of that, I think I have confidence in playing clumsy characters who do weird things.”

His co-star, Kim Ha Neul, also weighed in on her newlywed life. She married her non-celebrity husband this past March.

“The people around me say that I’ve become softer,” she said. “My husband is a strong supporter. Because we still have a lot of interest in each other, we stay up talking at night even when I’ve come back from filming. It releases the stress from the day’s work.”

“On the Way to the Airport” is available on Viki. Watch the trailer below!

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