VIXX’s Leo Says He’s Now Scared of Maknae Hyuk?

On “Star Show 360,” VIXX’s maknae Hyuk was named as the No. 1 member that Leo was scared of.

When asked why, Leo explained that when they debuted, Hyuk was like a cute younger brother. (Hyuk was 18 in Korean age when he debuted.) But ever since, he’s been growing nonstop and putting on muscle.

“When we debuted, he thought of me as a scary hyung,” Leo said. “But now he’s not afraid to throw me around and make fun of me in front of the fans.”

He added, “He treats me like a ramen shuttle. When he wants to eat ramen, he’ll just be like, ‘Where’s Leo? He can make it.'”

Hyuk protested, “In times like that, I usually ask if I should make it but the hyungs tell me that I shouldn’t do it. So naturally I ask Leo, who is the best at cooking.”

Is this what they call “maknae on top?”

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