Watch: 2PM’s Junho Gets Taecyeon Adorably Riled Up

After a hilarious game of whack-a-mole on “IDOL ARCADE,” Taecyeon of 2PM gets last place and must face the penalty of doing a duet dance.

Junho is picked by Chansung to accompany Taecyeon as he dances to “Promise,” their new single. Much to Taecyeon’s dismay, however, Junho does not dance as much as he would like!

Taecyeon repeatedly asks Junho why he’s not dancing. Junho retorts, “This is my part to sing!”

The other members also notice Taecyeon’s complaints and joke that Junho’s not doing anything at all. At one point, they even joke that Taecyeon should poke Junho in the butt as he’s dancing!

Junho finally joins Taecyeon with some hardcore dancing, as they start to shout together with the choreography and by the end of the song, they are both completely exhausted!

Check out the funny video below!

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