NU’EST Releases Preview Images For Unit Track “Daybreak”

NU’EST has released preview images for their follow-up track featuring members Minhyun and JR as a unit!

The duet track “Daybreak” also happens to be the first track on their fifth mini-album “Canvas,” and is a soul R&B track with a jazz approach. While the song has elements of sadness, its light and relaxing tempo also gives off a hopeful vibe. Beyond providing the vocals for the song, members JR and Minhyun also personally participated in writing the lyrics!


The preview images were released with the title “NU’EST 5th Mini Album CANVAS ‘Daybreak’ Official Art Photography,” and showed JR and Minhyun being projected with images of a star-filled sky. Based on their “coming soon” hashtag, it seems that there will be more teasers for the track to come!

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