Simon Dominic Announces That His Crush On BewhY Has Ended?

It looks like Simon Dominic is moving on from his infatuation with fellow rapper BewhY!

Simon Dominic and Grey are the guests on MBC FM4U’s “Two O’Clock Date With Ji Suk Jin.”

When the topic of BewhY is brought up, Simon Dominic jokes, “And who is BewhY? My one-sided love for him on him has ended.”

As they’re laughing together, he continues, “He’s living a good independent life right now. He’s doing well. I respect him.”

Simon Dominic then brings up if they had talked about collaborating together, saying, “We haven’t talked about it seriously yet. Even if we haven’t talked about it yet, I want to see him [around] for a long time. I told him I want to see him often and have fun together.”

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