Watch: Jung Hyung Don Makes A Slightly Awkward But Very Welcome Return To “Weekly Idol”

On October 5, Jung Hyung Don officially made his return to MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” his first appearance on the show in almost a year.

Co-host Defconn said, “The moment we’ve waited for has finally arrived. The person who carries a lot of weight on ‘Weekly Idol’ is back.”

Jung Hyung Don faced the camera with an air of embarrassment, saying, “It’s been a long time since I’ve greeted everyone. I’ve finally come back to where I need to be.” After a moment he added, “But I feel very awkward and nervous.”

He also mentioned that although he was only one celebrity, there were three reporters that visited the set, and asked why the show had hired two bodyguards just for his return.

jung hyung don chorong apink

The guests for the episode were Apink, who were also affected by the atmosphere. Chorong made the MC laugh by saying, “I feel afraid to say anything. In case you decide to leave again.”

Watch Jung Hyung Don make his first entrance below!

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