SHINee’s Minho To Attend BIFF For His Movie With Ma Dong Seok

Actor Ma Dong Seok and SHINee’s Minho have been invited to attend the 21st annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) for their film “Two Men.”

“Two Men” is a story of four runaway teenagers and the owner of an illegal karaoke bar (Ma Dong Seok) who pursues them. Minho plays Jin Il, one of the teenagers who has run away from home.

“Two Men” has been invited to the “World Premier” at BIFF, a section of the festival where films are shown in advance of their official release in theaters. “Two Men” is officially scheduled to be released in February.

Minho will be at the red carpet event in Busan on October 6, when the festival officially opens. He will also be attending the Guest Visit event on October 11 to discuss the film with the audience.

ma dong seok shinee minho

A source from “Two Men’s” production company stated, “We are happy that many people will be able to see ‘Two Men’ at BIFF. Audiences can look forward to the tension between talented ‘chameleon’ actor Ma Dong Seok and Minho, who was entrusted with a main role on the big screen for the first time.”

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