Watch: “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” Shares Funny Bloopers And Cute Behind The Scenes Moments Of Your Favorite Ships

Fans of SBS’s “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” will definitely appreciate this new glimpse at the happy atmosphere on set after Tuesday’s intense episode!

On October 5, the drama shared a new compilation via Naver TVCast of clips from filming, featuring plenty of its stars. The video opens with a shot of Lee Joon Gi playing Wang So as Hae Soo (played by IU) is tearing his heart to pieces as she turns him down. After IU forgets one of her lines and there’s a long pause, Lee Joon Gi hilariously stays in character as he says gravely, “Hae Soo, I have no idea what you’re saying,” which cracks everyone up on set. We then see the pair making each other laugh as they rehearse their scenes from the most recent episodes.

scarlet heart 1

In another clip, Hong Jong Hyun and Kang Ha Neul goof around adorably as they rehearse their archery scene. Kang Ha Neul says, “Hong Jong Hyun is very athletic,” and Hong Jong Hyun jumps in right away to say, “Kang Ha Neul is great at it!”

The camera person asks, “Who is better?” When they both reply with each other’s names, Hong Jong Hyun says, “My heart is beating so fast!” and they both pretend to collapse with all the feelings.

scarlet heart 2

We then see Kang Ha Neul and IU adorably hanging out together between shots, swinging their legs on a bridge in the cave and playing with some props.

kang ha neul IU

Nam Joo Hyuk also entertains the crew as he tries to play the traditional instruments that his character Baek Ah excels at, and the cast all breaks out in laughter for real after they have to pretend to be laughing for too long. Baekhyun and Nam Joo Hyuk also crack up their co-stars Z.Hera and Seohyun with their bloopers.

scarlet heart 3

Watch the full video below!