Seo In Guk To Transform Into A Grandpa For “Shopping King Louie”

If you’ve ever wanted to see what Seo In Guk would look like as a grandpa (hey, no judgment), it looks like viewers of “Shopping King Louie” will be in for a surprise.

On October 6, Seo In Guk posted a picture on his personal Instagram. In the photograph, he is made up to look several decades older, with white hairs, liver spots, and wrinkles.

He wrote, “It’s today. ‘Shopping King Louie’s’ Grandpa Louie. Am I going to age like this?”

As the filming seems to have taken place on the same day of the post, viewers will likely have to wait a few weeks before they can see how the scene plays out.

You can watch the latest episode of “Shopping King Louie” below!


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