Watch: Ji Chang Wook Can’t Get Enough Of YoonA’s Ramyun Happy Dance

In a recent clip of a scene from the October 7 episode released by tvN drama “THE K2,” Girls’ Generation member’s YoonA does her ramyun (instant noodle) happy dance as Ji Chang Wook happily looks on.

The video is drawing special interest because, well, YoonA and Ji Chang Wook are adorable in it, and it could honestly double as a ramyun CF.

Relive the special scene below! Are you digging the development of Ji Chang Wook and YoonA’s love line in “The K2”?

Meanwhile, tvN drama “The K2” tells the story of a bodyguard (Ji Chang Wook) who was once a solider for hire referred to by code name “K2.” YoonA plays Go Ahn Na, the secret daughter of a presidential candidate who suffers from panic disorders due to trauma from her past and secludes herself from the world.

“The K2” airs new episodes every Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. KST.