Winners Of 25th Buil Film Awards Revealed

The 25th Buil Film Awards took place on October 7 in Busan to honor this year’s best films and actors.

Lee Byung Hun received the Best Male Actor award and relayed his thoughts about the unfortunate typhoon during his acceptance speech. He hoped that people affected by the natural disaster would be able to be comforted and gain strength.

Son Ye Jin was ecstatic about winning the Best Female Actor award and discussed the various steps in acting in a film and fears that come along with it.

Kim Eui Sung won the Best Supporting Male Actor award and provided some comic relief as he remarked how fun his job as an actor is and how it’s great to be paid to do fun work and even receive an award. He also showed his thoughtful side as he thanked female staff members in particular and commented that there is still a large gender ratio amongst people in the film industry and how he hopes to see more female representation.

Park So Dam got the Best Supporting Female Actor award and talked about her strong character and thanked everyone who was apart of the film. She further stated that she wants to continue acting genuinely.

See the full list of the winners below!

Best Film: “Veteran” (Directed by Ryu Seung Wan)
Best Director: Lee Joon Ik (“Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet”)
Best Male Actor: Lee Byung Hun (“Inside Men”)
Best Female Actor: Son Ye Jin (“The Truth Beneath”)
Best Supporting Male Actor: Kim Eui Sung (“Train to Busan”)
Best Supporting Female Actor: Park So Dam (“The Priests”)
Best New Actor: Tae In Ho (“Shadow Island”)
Best New Actress: Kim Tae Ri (“The Handmaiden”)
Best New Director: Yoon Ga Eun (“The World of Us”)
Best Art Direction: Ryu Seong Hee (“The Handmaiden”)
Best Music: Mog (“Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet”)
Best Cinematography: Choi Yeong Hwan (“Veteran”)
Best Screenplay: Shin Yeon Sik (“Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet”)
Yu Hyun Mok Film Arts Award: Director Yeon Sang Ho (“Train to Busan”)
Buil Readers’ Jury Award: Director Park Chan Wook (“The Handmaiden”)

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