Update: Jay Park Shares A Sneak Peek Of “Everything You Wanted” Album

Updated October 14 KST:

Take a listen at some of the tracks that will be included in this album, as shared by Jay Park himself!

Updated October 10 KST:

Jay Park has now shared a promotional schedule for his upcoming release. According to the schedule, we’ll be getting cover artwork for his pre-release track “Stay With Me” at 12 p.m. KST on October 11, followed by a teaser at 5 p.m. KST. The track will then be dropped on October 12 at midnight KST, and his album “Everything You Wanted” will come out online on October 20.

jay park everything you wanted


Following his announcement of the release of his new LP “Everything You Wanted,” Jay Park has dropped a few teasers.

On October 8, Jay Park revealed a remix of “Turn Off Your Phone,” one of the tracks on the upcoming album via AOMG’s soundcloud as well as the track list for “Everything You Wanted.”

JAY PARK, LP [EVERYTHING YOU WANTED] – TRACK LIST – 01. REPLAY 02. I DON’T DISAPPOINT 03. FEATURE (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) 04. ALL I WANNA DO (K) (Feat. Hoody, Loco) *TITLE 05. LIMOUSINE (Feat. KRNFX) 06. SOLO (Feat. Hoody) 07. ALONE TONIGHT (Feat. Sik-K) 08. ONLY ONE (Feat. Raz Simone) 09. 사실은 (the truth is) 10. 곁에 있어주길 (STAY WITH ME) *PRERELEASE 11. DRIVE (Feat. GRAY) *TITLE 12. AQUAMAN 13. ME LIKE YUH (K) (Feat. Hoody) 14. 2nd THOTS 15. FOREVER (WITH DJ ALE MORA) (Feat. Cha Cha Malone) 16. 전화기를 꺼놔 REMIX (TURN OFF YOUR PHONE REMIX) (Feat. ELO) 17. I GOT THIS 18. ME LIKE YUH 19. ALL I WANNA DO – 2016. 10. 20. #JayPark #박재범 #EVERYTHINGYOUWANTED #INEEDACHACHABEATBOY #AOMG

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Meanwhile, Jay Park is slated to released “Everything You Wanted” on October 20.

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