Sean And Jung Hye Young Are Relationship Goals With How They Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

Sean and Jung Hye Young live up to their warm-hearted reputation as they celebrate twelve years of blissful marriage by volunteering with their adorable family!

On October 8, actress Jung Hye Young updated her Instagram (@hydrangea_garden) with a photo showing her family volunteering at Bab For, a food shelter for elderly homeless people. She writes, “Preparing mushrooms. A precious time together with children. At Bap For with my children on the morning of our 12th wedding anniversary.”

Sean also updated his Instagram (@jinusean3000), along with a caption that says, “Visiting Bap For with Ha Eum, Ha Rang, Ha Yul and Ha El. 4383 days (12 years ^^) since I’ve married Hye Young.”

In the pictures, they appear to be sitting around a large bucket preparing vegetables, smiling happily as they spend time together as a family.

A photo posted by Sean Ro (@jinusean3000) on

In addition to volunteering on their anniversary every year, the couple reportedly saves 10,000 won (approximately $8.96) every day. They then donate the total amount of 3,650,000 won (approximately $3,300) from a single year on their next subsequent anniversary, and have done so ever since their first wedding anniversary. This marks their 12th year of donating this amount.

Congratulations to the happy couple on this meaningful day!

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