Kim Heechul Hilariously Guesses The Moment When Lee Si Young Felt Most Lonely

Actress Lee Si Young appeared as a guest on the recent episode of JTCB’s “Ask Us Anything,” where she talked about the moment when she felt the most sorrow in living alone.

During the episode, Lee Si Young gives a hint, saying, “It’s related to the muscles in my arm.” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul makes a guess, saying, “When you can’t eat food because your arm hurts.” Lee Si Young gives another hint by replying, “It’s true that I didn’t have the strength.”

Kim Heechul

Then Kim Heechul makes a series of hilarious guesses such as, “When you’re in the bathroom and you need to break off a piece of toilet paper, but you can’t because your arm hurts,” and “When you’re trying to brush your teeth after eating but you can’t because your arms hurt, so you have to meet people with bad breath.” However, each guess ends up being incorrect.

Finally, Kim Heechul does make the correct guess, saying, “When you want to drink a bottle of water but you don’t have the strength to open the lid, so you can’t drink it.”

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