MONSTA X’s Wonho Reveals Their “Sorry Sorry” Choreography Was Taken

On October 9, boy group MONSTA X greeted fans through a V-app session, where they talked about recent events such as their fan signings, performances, and more.

The session started out like any other, with MONSTA X doing their signature greeting. However, it seemed that member Wonho wanted to specifically talk about the DMC Festival.

“There’s something I really wanted to say. Yesterday during the opening at the DMC Festival, the seniors created a really good stage. They performed Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ with a dance break. We also had performed ‘Sorry Sorry’ in Japan, which wasn’t broadcast, but it included a dance break that we choreographed. It was our own dance break,” said Wonho.

He continued, saying, “But as we were watching the DMC stage, we were like ‘Wait, we’ve seen this a lot before.’ Once we found out that it was our ‘Sorry Sorry’ dance break, it felt really weird. So we asked one of the writers about it, and they told us that they had given the choreography to other groups because it was so cool.”

“Even though our dance didn’t get broadcast, our seniors performed the dance really well. For the Monbebes who were curious to see it, that dance break was the one that we made,” added Kihyun.

“I wanted to let everyone know that it was our choreography,” Wonho emphasized.

Watch MONSTA X’s “Sorry Sorry” dance break:

Watch the broadcast performance of “Sorry Sorry”:

Watch the full DMC Festival episode below!

Thanks to AMonbebe and Tiphaine for the tip!

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