G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE Washing Label Sparks Arguments About Misogyny

G-Dragon’s clothing brand PEACEMINUSONE, which he launched with his stylist GeeEun, released a photo on Instagram (@peaceminusonedotcom) 11 weeks ago showing a laundry tag which states, “Do not laundry, do not bleach, do not iron, dry in shade …blah, blah… F*ck it. Just give it to your mother.” The caption for the photo states, “She knows how to do it.”

g-dragon peaceminusone instagram

This photo has sparked arguments in the comment section, some calling G-Dragon out for misogyny, while others are saying the tag is just cute and funny, rather than discriminatory.

The tag seems to be the PEACEMINUSONE version of the existing washing label in some brands that says, “Or give it to your mother, she knows how to do it.” This version likewise has received mixed responses in past years. Some washing labels, which say, “Or give it to your mother/woman, it’s her job,” have received much more criticism, being viewed as more offensive than the “she knows how to do it” labels. One Italian clothing company was even forced to apologize after having a similar “it’s her job” washing label, although they claimed it was simply a joke.

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