f(x)’s Luna Talks About Fellow Idol Musical Actors Like EXO’s Chen And INFINITE’s Sunggyu and Dongwoo

On October 10, f(x)’s Luna sat down for an interview ahead of her upcoming musical, “Five Course Love.”

Luna made her musical theater debut in 2011’s “Legally Blonde” and has since appeared in “Coyote Ugly,” “High School Musical,” and “In the Heights.”

“During my first project, ‘Legally Blonde,’ Kim Ji Woo unni and the other seniors were really nice,” she said. “They taught me a lot on how to take care of my voice and how to analyze the script. It’s thanks to them that I’m able to perform on stage now.”

After almost six years in the musical theater industry, Luna now plays senior to many idol “juniors” who started taking part in musicals after she did. “I like to take care of my ‘junior oppas,'” she said, referring to idols who may be older than her despite debuting in musicals later.

Recently, Luna worked with INFINITE’s Sunggyu and Dongwoo and EXO’s Chen in the musical “In the Heights.”

“When Sunggyu and Dongwoo oppa had conflicts between their INFINITE schedules and their musical rehearsals, I would act as messenger and write down what we did that day to send to them,” she said. “At one point, Chen oppa was always in the rehearsal room so the director told him to stop practicing so much and kicked him out.”

She concluded, “But the advice I would give my idol juniors is to practice a lot before you arrive. Even to those who are my idol seniors, but my musical theater juniors, I would give the same advice. I got a lot of love from my past seniors, so I want to spread that love as much as possible.”

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