Lee Dong Wook Returns To Visit Daebak And His Sisters

“Uncle” Lee Dong Wook recently made another visit to Lee Dong Gook’s home to visit his adorable children, who love him so much!

On October 11, Lee Soo Jin shared a photo to her Instagram of Lee Dong Wook holding Daebak and Seol Ah in his arms, while the eldest girls and Soo Ah hang out next to them. With no room left on the little sofa, Lee Dong Gook sits at their dining room table across the room as they all appear to be watching something together.

Lee Soo Jin writes in the caption that Lee Dong Wook never forgets about the kids and always says he misses them, so he came all the way to their neighborhood to see them. She writes in English, “Lee Dong Wook visited the kids again… Kids seem to be very comfortable with him. Even appa [dad] becomes invisible.”

Lee Dong Wook previously spent very memorable days with Daebak and his sisters on “The Return of Superman,” when the kids fell in love with him.

Thanks to Princi for the tip!

Watch the most recent episode of “The Return of Superman” below!