GOT7 Compiles Their Adventurous Bucket List Of Things They Want To Do On A Reality Show

Boy group GOT7, who has been racking up first place wins with the release of their second full album “Flight Log: Turbulence,” revealed their wish list of activities they want to do on a reality show.

On October 11, GOT7 aired episode 0 of their V Live’s “GOT7 ‘HARD CARRY'” series. The members explained which activities they would want to do if they were on a reality show.

Mark went first and he listed water sports, cooking, and sky diving.

The second list included jet skiing, playing puppet in Myeong-dong, a popular shopping district in Seoul, and playing a hidden camera prank on Park Jin Young, the founder of their agency JYP Entertainment.

The members tried to guess whose list it was and Yugyeom guessed, “The person who’s the easiest for me.”

The list is shown to be Bambam’s and he elaborated on what he wrote, saying, “I think it’ll be fun to play in Myeong-dong. I think it’ll be easy to trick producer Park Jin Young,” to which the other members joked, “You might get kicked out then!”

The third list included fishing, surviving with only $10 a week, and giving fashion makeovers to each other. The members guessed it was Jinyoung based on the fishing.

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