Apink’s Bomi And Son Naeun Try To Put Lipstick On A Rollercoaster, With Hilarious Results

Son Naeun and Bomi of girl group Apink, who recently returned with “Only One,” try their hand at the always hilarious lipstick challenge, in which they try to put on lipstick while riding a rollercoaster.

Bomi and Son Naeun travel to Taiwan’s Leefoo Village Theme Park on the October 11 episode of “Apink’s Extreme Adventure.”

Before they ride the rollercoaster, they brag that they aren’t scared, with Bomi boasting, “I can eat noodles while riding it. I can even make kimbap on it.”

However, the Screaming Condor rollercoaster lives up to its name and although they try their best to put on the lipstick, one of them is not as successful, as Bomi gets lipstick on her chin!

Son Na Eun Apink Bomi

As soon as the ride stops, they both look at each other and crack up. The competition is no contest and Naeun wins, which means that Bomi must buy ice cream for everyone, including the staff!

Apink Bomi Son Naeun

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