Watch: SHINee’s Onew Does His Own Killer Cute Version Of YoonA’s Classic Aegyo On “Weekly Idol”

On October 12’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” SHINee joins the hosts in the famous third floor basement studio!

During the show, the crew plays a voice message from a fan who says, “SHINee always says they have no aegyo, but since I’ve been a fan of yours since your debut, I think all five of you have a lot of it. So please pick which one of you is the king of aegyo.”

The guys don’t jump to pick a member, and so the hosts announce that they’ve prepared a video, which Jung Hyung Don calls the “SM Aegyo Standards Video.” It turns out to be a video of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA singing a cute confession song in a previous episode of the show. The guys’ reactions are priceless as they watch their friend and sunbae go all out with her too adorable voice and gestures!

weekly idol key

When it’s over, Minho stands up and expresses his amazement that YoonA did something like that, and says, “That made my heart beat faster!”

The hosts then ask the guys to pick one of them to give everyone a “boy group” version of the aegyo song. They sing it for SHINee again, and Jonghyun follows along with the gestures during their song. He then jokes to the crew, “I just did it! You should use that.”

weekly idol jonghyun

The guys don’t go for it, and so Minho suggests that they decide who will do the song by playing rock, paper, scissors. Onew loses, and so it’s decided he’ll be taking the fall, and the other guys are absolutely thrilled to avoid doing the aegyo. They leap up off their stools, and yell as they run around the studio in victory, while Key pretends to be praying in gratitude.

weekly idol minho

Once they’ve calmed down, Onew gives it a shot, but is soon stopped by Jung Hyung Don who tells him he needs to make his voice sound cuter. When Onew tries to do a cute voice, Defconn jokes, “You sound like you’re saying ‘You owe me money’ instead of ‘I love you.'”

weekly idol onew

Onew pulls it off perfectly the next time, complete with his own adorable gestures and lots of huge smiles, before putting on a serious expression when he’s done. Jung Hyung Don stands up and says, “You’re the new standard!” and Onew nods in faux seriousness.

Watch Onew’s flawless aegyo below!