100% Makes Daring 1st Place Nominee Promise

Boy band 100% has made quite the brave promise if they can be first place nominees in the music charts!

On October 12, 100% held their showcase for their new album “Time Leap,” which includes their title track “Better Day,”

When asked what they promise to do if they are able to become nominees for first place, member Minwoo says, “I will give free hugs with my shirt off in a place like Jongro or Myeongdong.” He paused and then jokes, “Maybe they won’t like that?”

After the other members say, “That’s dirty,” he changes his answer to say, “Then, we’ll dance with our shirts off.”

Member Rokhyun added, “Now that we say it, I really want to [become a nominee for first place].”

“Time Leap” marks 100%’s first comeback as a five-member group after Changbum left the group in September 12.

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