Watch: SHINee Makes “Sherlock” At 2x The Speed Look Easy On “Weekly Idol”

On October 12, boy group SHINee appeared on MBC Every1 program “Weekly Idol” for the first time as a full group in approximately four years.

During the show, SHINee takes on the challenge of dancing to their 2012 release “Sherlock” at twice the speed, and they make it look easy.

Although member Onew is unfortunately unable to join in on the challenge, he follows along with the choreography and cheers on his members from the sidelines.

SHINee doesn’t seem to miss a single beat throughout the entire performance and are met with applause from the thoroughly impressed MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn at the conclusion of the song.

Did you enjoy SHINee’s performance? Which song would you like to see them take on the next time they’re on the show?