Watch: SHINee Competes In Hilarious Random Play Dance Of Taemin’s Solo Tracks To Be Named His Biggest Fan

On October 12’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” Taemin’s four hyungs compete for the title of “Taemin’s Biggest Fan” – with some definitely taking the competition more seriously than others!

During the episode, “Weekly Idol” plays a voice message by a SHINee fan who says to Taemin, “SHINee is known as ‘Taemin and Taemin’s Four Fans.’ Please let us know which of the four is your biggest fan.”

Jung Hyung Don is confused by her message, so Jonghyun explains, “Taemin is the youngest in our group, and since the other four of us take good care of him, we became known as ‘Taemin and Taemin’s Four Fans.'”

The hosts then tell the four older members that they’ll be playing a version of the show’s famous “random play dance” with Taemin’s solo tracks to see who is his biggest fan, and whoever wins gets a special prize.

Jung Hyung Don first tests Key by asking, “Do you remember the title of Taemin’s solo songs?” Key says of course he does, and when asked, correctly says that his first solo song was “Danger.” However, he hesitates a bit on the second one.

“He got it wrong!” yells Jonghyun. As Key protests, Minho and Jonghyun both raise their hands to try to guess. “This isn’t a quiz!” laughs Jung Hyung Don.

shinee weekly idol 2

Then as the hosts explain the rules of the random play dance, Jonghyun starts to fix his hat and looks like he’s seriously gearing up for an intense competition.

shinee weekly idol 3

When “Danger” first comes on, even Onew with his injury stands up to do the famous dance move from the chorus, and Taemin smiles as he watches the guys copy the moves that they remember. Jung Hyung Don eventually stops the guys and points out, “I’m sorry, but Taemin keeps laughing.” Jonghyun replies, “Of course! That’s what we’re intending. It’s like a kids’ dance show.”

shinee weekly idol 4

The guys laugh and Jung Hyung Don says, “I’m touched, though. You’ve memorized all of his choreography.”

Jonghyun surprises him by replying, “I didn’t memorize it. I’m just freestyling,” which cracks Taemin up.

Both Jonghyun and Minho have a good memory for the moves from “Press Your Number,” although Jonghyun is the only one able to attempt to pull off the choreography from his recent track “Goodbye” (or “Sayonara Hitori” in Japanese).

After they finish, Jung Hyung Don tells Taemin to take a pink magic wand and wave it over the winner while saying, “You’re my fan.” He picks Jonghyun, and Jonghyun covers his face and laughs as Taemin makes a heart with his hands while he declares Jonghyun the winner.

shinee weekly idol 5

The show then brings out Jonghyun’s prize, which a signed album and one of Taemin’s jackets, which he slips on before the guys make him do another one of the moves from “Goodbye.”

shinee weekly idol 6

Watch some of their hilarious random play dance below!