Censorship Board Announces Ruling On Controversial

The Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has announced its decisions regarding certain scenes in the dramas “Our Gap Soon” and “The K2.”

On October 12 at the Yangcheon District in Seoul, the broadcast deliberations subcommittee held their 35th hearing. The said dramas were on their agenda for this day’s meeting.

The scene in question for “Our Gap Soon” shows lead character Shin Gap Soon, portrayed by Kim So Eun, breaking up with her boyfriend Heo Gap Dol, played by Song Jae Rim, when Heo Gap Dol forces the resisting Shin Gap Soon against a wall and kisses her.

song jae rim kim so eun

A hearing was called on the grounds of the scene’s portrayal of dating violence, thus breaching the Broadcasting Deliberation Regulation Article 27 (Maintenance of Dignity) Clause 5, and Article 30 (Gender Equality) Clause 2. However, the drama has been cleared by the KCSC, which stated, “We don’t think we should take issue with parts like this in dramas” and ruled, “There is no problem.”

You can watch the scene for yourself below.
[viki start=3273]https://www.viki.com/videos/1109265v-our-gap-soon-episode-1?utm_source=soompi&utm_medium=soompi_news&utm_campaign=soompi_link&utm_content=censorship-board-announces-ruling-controversial-gap-soon-k2-scenes&utm_content_id=905969wpp[/viki]

For “The K2,” the committee discussed a two-minute scene wherein Ji Chang Wook‘s character, Kim Je Ha, gets into a brawl with bodyguards in a public bathhouse, where they are all naked with their pelvis areas blurred out.

ji chang wook

The scene was reviewed on the grounds of being excessive for a family drama broadcasting at 8 p.m., and for violating the Broadcasting Deliberation Regulation Article 27 (Maintenance of dignity) Clause 5. It was decided upon deliberation that “The K2” would receive a “recommendation” from the KCSC not to have those kind of scenes.

“Our Gap Soon” continues airing on SBS and “The K2” on tvN.

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