Sechs Kies Talks About The Huge Amount Of Love Yang Hyun Suk Shows Them

On October 12, Sechs Kies sat down for a V App live stream where they candidly talked to their fans about their latest comeback.

While revealing a text that YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk sent, Eun Ji Won talks about how the message says that Epik High’s Tablo, the co-composer and lyricist of their title track, supposedly cried while thinking of Sechs Kies’s fans.

Sech Kies

Jang Soo Won comments, “If it was to the point Tablo cried, imagine how many tears our fans must have shed.”

The group goes on to discuss the extraordinary amount of affection Yang Hyun Suk has for them, and expresses their gratefulness. Jang Soo Won adds, “He even personally stayed up all night editing our music video.”

Sechs Kies recently made a comeback with “Three Words,” and is reportedly preparing to come out with a new project in November.

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