5 Important Life Lessons We Learned From DIA TV Original Series

There are many places we can recommend that you gain life advice from – friends, family, Korean dramas. We’d like to add a new source – DIA TV originals.

DIA TV teamed up with some of the most popular creators on the web and tasked them with various challenges that, surprisingly, are all pretty useful in our everyday lives as well. And even better, the creators are suffering to learn these lessons so that you don’t have to!

Here is a short list of life advice we’ve managed to garner from the DIA TV team:

1. How To Perfect Your Halloween Look

Some of us are gifted with makeup, and not so gifted in the field of creative sewing. Luckily DIA TV’s collaboration with Heizle is all about using makeup to become another person – this time, Angelina Jolie. So, if you are eternally late in planning your Halloween costume, check out the video and once you have the look, you can wear pretty much anything with it! Halloween, done.

2. Life Or Death Cooking Skills

What happens when you dump three creators together and send them surprise camping? Hilarity and a lot of worry from the lone female beauty creator, Lena. They’re tasked with competing to make the ultimate dish with the same ingredient that they must obtain themselves. Oh, and there are zombies. This is literally cooking with your life on the line.

3.What It Means To Achieve Relationship Goals

What happens when two strangers are forced to live together (other than the plot of many a successful K-drama)? DIA TV teamed up with creators Chaechae and Shin Dong Hoon and asked them to try living together. The two aren’t complete strangers – having teamed up on shows in the past – but they definitely aren’t dating and definitely weren’t expecting to suddenly share a house.

If you ever doubt your own relationship, “Living Together Agreement” is here to help you see that it could always be worse. Or, should we say better? You’ll have to watch to find out.

4. How To Survive Graduation

Creator SSIN is known for having wild ideas and somehow making them come to life. Taking her creative spirit to the next level, SSIN’s Challenge is here to keep her on her toes. SSIN probably wasn’t planning to do much for her college graduation, but when DIA TV issues her a challenge, she has to complete it! The challenge? Starting her day with no makeup and being forced to go along with everything that the DIA TV team tells her to do.

This makes my graduation seem like a cakewalk.

5. How To Actually Cook Ramyeon

Ramyeon is, practically, a national staple in Korea. From scenes in dramas to K-pop stars favorite dishes to something we all probably crave at least once a week, ramyeon is simply amazing. We all know this. But, if the only “ingredient” you add is water, you’re doing it wrong.

Chef Nakyoung Chae is the head chef of “Boy’s Restaurant” in Korea and he is here to teach us how to bring our ramyeon game to the next level. Shrimp? Sesame leaves? Sign me up. Ramyeon might be great on its own, but Chef Chae is here to remind us that it can also be pretty high class food.

So – have we enlightened you to some useful life tips? Let us know!

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