BTS Jokes About The Secret Behind Their Relay Win At “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

On October 13’s episode of the radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” the guys of BTS appear to promote their new hit album “WINGS” and its title track “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

During the show, the hosts ask them about how Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook recently won the 400 meter male relay for the group (for the third time in a row) at the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” in September.

“You must be really good at running!” says a host, but J-Hope replies, “I’m not sure if it’s because we’re good at running, or if it’s because everyone else was falling down.” Suga confirms, “Everyone but us fell down this time.”

After the hosts talk about how it’s hard for people who aren’t athletes to compete in races, Suga says, “Actually, we’re the models for a certain shoe brand. We were the only ones who were wearing those shoes when we ran.”

bts cultwo show 2

The studio cracks up at his sudden indirect promotion, and Suga yells into the mic jokingly, “Are you listening, advertiser?”

“So it’s because you were wearing those shoes that no one could catch up with you?” asks a host. Suga again just says that they were the only ones wearing them, and Rap Monster jumps in to say, “That’s right, we’re not the fast ones, it’s the shoes that are fast!”

Suga adds that the shoes have a good grip so they made it easy to turn corners without falling over, as BTS all laughs and Jimin hits him on the shoulder.

bts cultwo show 1

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