Minguk And Manse Can’t Wait For Winter To Wear Their Awesome Hats

Song Il Gook has shared a new update in the lives of everyone’s favorite triplets!

The actor and superman dad shared a collage of photos on October 13 to his Instagram of Minguk and Manse in their dinosaur pyjamas and some awesome hats. Manse in particularly looks thrilled to be all ready for winter in the cute hats and a hood, while Minguk shows off his modelling skills in his hat as he points finger guns at the camera.

Song Il Gook writes in the caption, “I was putting away their summer clothes and organizing their winter clothes, but when Minguk and Manse saw their winter hats they got so excited.”

Song Il Gook and his triplets became household names while appearing on the reality show “The Return of Superman.” Although they no longer star on the show, you can stay up to date with their lives by following Song Il Gook on Instagram here: @songilkook.

Hopefully Daehan loves the hats just as much as these two! Stay warm, cuties!