BTS’s Jimin Explains Suga’s Adorably Fitting Childhood Nickname On “Cultwo Show”

It turns out BTS member Suga (also known as Min Yoongi and Agust D) has another nickname, and this one’s too cute!

BTS appears as guests on October 13’s episode of “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.” During the broadcast, a fan writes in to say they heard that Suga’s nickname in elementary school was “Slug” (which sounds like “Min Snail”) and asks for confirmation.

“Ah, that’s true!” admits Suga readily, but then just explains it by saying, “My last name is Min.” The hosts ask, “But why ‘Min Snail’?” Suga replies vaguely, “I’m not sure, I guess just because my last name is Min.”

bts suga

“But why? Are you a bit slow?” a host asks, and Jimin shakes his head and moves to pick up a mic. The host says, “I think Jimin will know!”

Jimin explains, “Our fans know that Suga is very slow, and finds it tiring to move.” The hosts guess that he must be slow at talking too but Jimin cracks everyone up by saying, “No, he’s really talkative!”

BTS is currently promoting their second full album “WINGS,” and its title track “Blood Sweat & Tears.” Watch their first comeback performance on “M!Countdown” here!