SHINee Names Which Members They’d Be Open To Introducing To A Younger Sister

SHINee is known for their great teamwork and friendship, but does that brotherhood extend to their immediate family members?

On October 13, SHINee members Taemin, Minho, and Jonghyun guest on MBC FM4U’s “Ji Suk Jin‘s Two O’Clock Date.” Onew and Key were not able to attend due to conflicting schedules.

Ji Suk Jin asks the members, “If you had a younger sister, which member would you introduce her to?” Jonghyun jokes, “I guess you should go for second best if you can’t have the best..” and then continues to say, “The two members, other than Minho and Key, are okay. Minho and Key have too much energy.”

Minho picks Onew, explaining, “He’s very quiet. He’s smart and listens to you well. Whenever I have something to say, he always listens to the very end.”

Taemin answers, “I’ve thought about it for a while and it’s hard. If I don’t take it too seriously, I can’t think of anyone other than our manager!”

Meanwhile, SHINee recently picked up their second trophy for their new release “1 of 1.”

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